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How To obtain A Loan From Victory Hands MPCS As A Delta State Civil Servant

Are you a Delta State Civil Servant seeking to get a loan urgently? You can simply apply for a loan with your computer number. The Delta State Government of Nigeria has approved Victory Hands MPCS to start giving loan to Delta State civil servant/workers and to obtain loans conveniently through Computer Centre. 

Get a loan up to N10,000,000 at the best affordable rates in Victory Hands MPCS

Making an informed loan decision requires comparing different loan offers before making a commitment. Through our simulator, you can see at a glance, loan offers coming from different lenders in less than 5 minutes, so you can make the right decision regarding your financing. Try it today

What Documents Do I Need To Apply For State Loan In Delta State?

To obtain a loan as a Delta State civil servant you must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. You must have a good credit history and minimum salary of N5,000
  2. You must be a Delta State civil servant in Nigeria.
  3. The loan you want to borrow must not be more than 80% of your entire salary after all deductions.
  4. You must have all the requirements for the loan.

The amount of loan you can access as a Delta State civil servant depends on how much you earn. Nevertheless, you can not obtain over 70% of your entire salary to ensure that you will be able to pay up before the loan tenor ends.

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