How To Start a Side Business While Working Full-Time 

There is no statistical information to indicate how many working professionals in Nigeria have side businesses at the moment, but one thing is certain: we all know someone who works full-time and has a side business or ‘side hustle’ as it is popularly called. And if we all agree, we can conclude that a huge number of people juggle both.

However, the big question is understanding how to do both successfully without one hindering the other?

Starting a side hustle and ensuring its success without jeopardizing your present work is extremely doable, and we’ve put together a guide to assist you.

Continue reading to find out how you may accomplish this.
Know Why you Want to Start

Starting a side business while working full-time may be done to supplement your income, improve your finances, or in preparation to quit your 9-5 job for full-time entrepreneurship. Once you figure out why you want to start, you can begin to make plans for starting.

Make plans before you start

Before starting any business, make sure you have a business plan and strategy in place. This might take the form of your product offering, distribution network, customer service, cost structure, or other aspects of your business.

By having this planned out, you can have a distinct edge that allows your business to generate sales.

Know When to Start

Starting a business while working full-time is going to be tasking and time-consuming; that’s an unavoidable truth.

You must, however, know when you are ready to begin, and the best time to begin once you are ready is when you don’t have a lot of work to do at your workplace or when you are on leave.

Outsource what you can

You may be unable to handle all aspects of your business, and in order to keep things going smoothly, you may need to outsource certain aspects of your business so that your workload is decreased and you can focus on your 9-5 and other aspects of your life.

Create a balance

Create a balance between your attention to your business and your 9-5 so that you don’t end up paying less attention to your work, hurting your performance, or losing your job.

Your job provides a function by acting as a safety net. Until you get to the point where you can sustain yourself on your new business without your job and ready to quit your job to face your business squarely, don’t let it get in the way of your career.
Bottom line

Starting your business while working full-time today is possible if you take these steps into account.

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